13 of the Most Unique Apps for Your iPhone or iPad

You are currently viewing 13 of the Most Unique Apps for Your iPhone or iPad

If you are looking for some interesting and unique apps to install on your iPhones or iPads, then you have come to the right place. Here below you can find the 13 best, most useful, and unique apps for your Mac iOS devices.


The most frequent thing that we do every day is to search the web and surf the internet. And for that, it is important to have security over your private network. That is why you should use a VPN app like TunnelBear which allows you to connect to the internet anonymously and privately.

Photoleap by Lightricks

Pictures without filters and adjustments don’t make our Instagram feed look aesthetic. For that, most people use photo editing software and apps. And if you are an iPhone user, then Photoleap by Lightricks is the best option for you to perform many editing features from basic to advanced levels for a free version app, which is powerful on its own standard.

Paper by Dropbox

If you like to write things on your phone, or are a good story writer, you can use the facility offered by the app Paper by Dropbox to create, edit, and collaborate on various documents in a simple way.

Zombies, Run!

Running can be a task. But to make it moving as well as distracting, you might need “Zombies, Run!” on your iPhone to keep you going. With many options like listening to fantastic stories and storylines, you can reinvigorate your walking, running, or even exercising, in a fun way.


As a best-encrypted communication app, Signal provides end-to-end encryption with an easy-to-use setup and interface for communication. Without being locked into any specific ecosystem, Signal only uses your phone number and contact lists to register your number to its communication and chatting system.


Just like how any person today utilizes the podcast function provided by the Spotify app, you can access many podcasts in Overcast on any iPhone or iPad system and device. Providing a better listening experience, Overcast lets you discover new podcasts with a free version itself, offering the features that you might just need.


While in the theatres watching movies, have you ever missed out on any scenes because you had to rush to the washroom for a quick pee breaking the movie in-between? Well, then this app is for you. It takes the guesswork and vibrates identifying whenever it is the best time that you can hit the loo in between a movie, by giving you a synopsis of what you have missed during that small break you took.


Deliveries is an easy-to-use app, which is useful for tracking your packages from different or multiple delivery sources. You can easily utilize emails and texts for pull-in tracking purposes to spot your packages.

CARROT Weather

Even if we depend more on TV news or radio for hearing a weather report, we also sometimes check our phones to see a weather report popping up on our home screen. Well for Mac devices, the CARROT Weather app can provide you with such accurate information along with cool-game-like activities and earnings which you can access by experiencing different weather during your traveling.


Ever worried about your sleep patterns? Then Pillow can help you to analyze your sleep cycles, heart rate, and mood, all in one app. As the best app for keeping track of your sleep, Pillow can also record your voice if you talked in your sleep.


If you are bad at remembering many passwords then you can use LastPass to save all your passwords under one strong password in this app. The user vault data that the app offers is encrypted with bank-level encryption providing high-level safety, and security.

iTranslate Converse

With easy translations of 38 different languages, the iTranslate Converse app is quite an easy catch and a fast app for iOS users to have on their devices. Along with the free version, the app provides more features and extended facilities to paid version users.


Bear is the best app for notetaking in a gorgeous, minimalistic interface that can support split views on the iPad. The app supporting markdown for formatting also allows you to export files in many formats like HTML, PDF, JPG, etc.

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